Tuesday, April 29, 2008

beaten down

i think barack obama is honest. i think he's intelligent. i think he's sincere. i don't think he's an elitist, or out of touch, or unpatriotic.

obama is using a(nother) press conference today to condemn and deride jeremiah wright's appearances over the last week. "his comments contradict everything i've done in my life," he says. "i am outraged and saddened."

unfortunately, i think obama looks more saddened than outraged, more beaten down than ready to punch back. i worry that will be troublesome to voters who are taking a second look at senator clinton because she is recasting herself in the role of a fighter: she's tough, she can take a blow, she keeps on going and going, and she can get down in the dirt if necessary and fight for the working class. granted, i've tuned into this press conference a few minutes late, but obama does not look like a fighter here.

i'm sure this isn't easy. this is a wounded man, who is probably incredibly sad. but i think we want to see some of the outrage. i think we want to see the man stand up, and...well...fight.
UPDATE 1:43 p.m. -- did i misread it? reporters who were in the room for this press conference are saying "you could feel the anger" coming from obama.

UPDATE 10:07 p.m. -- cnn political reporter candy crowley, tonight on 360 with anderson cooper: "the room was very tense... you could almost see (obama) seething. you couldn't see it so well on t.v. but live - in the room - it was very apparent."

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