Monday, March 17, 2008

torture makes you love america!

from john mccain's appearance tonight on hannity's america (i watch so you won't have to.) first, about his pledge to eliminate earmarks:
"there's $35 billion in earmark projects in the last two big appropriations bills. that could have been a $1,000 tax credit for every child in america."
how big would those tax credits be if we hadn't gone to war in iraq?

and this, regarding mccain's time as a prisoner of war. hannity asked what effect two years in solitary confinement has on a someone. mccain's response:
"i think it makes you a better person. obviously, it makes you love america."
i'm not sure what to make of that. honestly.

i must say however, that hannity goaded and egged mccain on about every possible obama / clinton controversy. mccain handled pretty much every one with respect.

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  1. Yeah ... I gotta say, even if my wishes were dashed to the floor this November, and whomever became the Democratic Party nominee DIDN'T win, I could still manage to stomach McCain as a person ... a bit ... well ... I'll just say 'a lot more than our current president.'

    Thanks for writing these essays, man. It forces me to keep my ear to the political grindstone.

    Incidentally, I watch Hannity sometimes too, but only because while here in MI, I'm victim to whatever is on the tube, which is usually Fox News. But I inevitably change it after a v-e-r-y short time, after listening to Hannity's spewings!

    Happy Saint Patty's Day


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