Sunday, March 2, 2008

sleepy ol' airedale

a little over 100 years ago, the british police force first enlisted the service of police dogs -- four of them: jim, vic, ben and mick. the dogs accompanied officers patrolling hull docks in yorkshire.

those dogs were airedales.

i just read that the average life span for an airedale is 11.5 years. reggie the dog (excuse me, reggie the gentleman) turned 13 earlier this year.

this old dog may be sleepy right now, but tomorrow he'll be patrolling central park.

good ol' guy.


  1. Happy Birthday Reggie!!! Much love from Uncle Michael and Uncle Tim.

  2. Tony- Oh my gosh, Tony!! I remember when Reggie was a puppy and you and Stephen brought him to Marquette for a visit. Has it been that long? sigh...
    Deb Krajec


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