Thursday, March 27, 2008

am i over the hill?

"Being in politics is like driving a car. If you wanna go forward you put it in D. If you wanna go backward, you put it in R."
-- hillary clinton in a campaign speech in raleigh, north carolina.

she's giving the sixth grade teacher speech. it's anecdotal, and a little sing-songy, but she sounds better close to the mic, talking, than she does in a huge gymnasium having to yell. it's the yelling hillary my dad doesn't like. and ultimately, this is the strong, smart woman i could vote for.

but what was all that bosnia crap? why lie about something that in the end is part of your foreign policy experience? you were a first lady, in a war zone, greeting soldiers in bosnia. the mission you were on was successful. there was no need for the corkscrew landing or the sniper fire or the running across the tarmac. i mean, if you're gonna embellish, why not go all the way? you were taken hostage by the army of republika srpska and kept in a spiderhole for a weeks where twice a day you were allowed only a vitamin c pill, a maple rice cake, and a diet tab! don't you think clinton was aware there was video of this somewhere? how embarrassing to be called out by sinbad! none of it makes sense to me.

i swear the folks at fox news are much less critical of clinton than they are of barack obama. (they've taken the reverend wright issue to new lows, and i thought greta van susteren was gonna french hillary during last night's exclusive interview.) i get the feeling that they would much rather see a mccain-clinton race in the fall.

and what does that tell you?

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  1. I was watching Keith Olbermann a few nights ago, in the middle of all this Bosnia stuff, and was delighted to have him voice a thought I had about her.

    If she's using sleep deprivation as an excuse for her comments, what in the HELL is she doing making the case that SHE would be the best one to make the right decision on "THE PHONE" at 3am?

    Clearly fox news wants a McCain/Clinton race over a McCain/Obama race.


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