Saturday, March 15, 2008

obama on wright

"i would not repudiate the man. as i said this is somebody i have known for seventeen years, who helped bring me to jesus."
barack obama tonight, in one of several interviews on the subject of his chicago pastor jeremiah wright, jr. soundbites of wright's sermons and news about paris hilton's new reality show are running on a loop at cnn, msnbc, etc.

what was fascinating to me about this interview was that obama spoke only about his pastor, himself, and how this will be used as political fodder. he never once attempted to drag in another candidate. there was no "look, hillary this" or "john mccain that." he spoke honestly and directly, answered the questions, and stayed on topic.

and in it all, i realized something: i believe him.

even though i still sometimes have the experience question in the back of my mind, i don't ever listen to obama through that "i don't quite trust you" filter. i'm not sure i can say the same about the other candidates, or any recent candidate for that matter.

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