Thursday, March 6, 2008

"i'm no different than any other kid"

this last tuesday, when brett favre's retirement was announced, people speculated as to why he didn't hold a big splashy press conference to do it.

this afternoon, watching him sit in front of a microphone and open up his heart, not just with tears running down his face, but at times literally sobbing, a person could see why he might have chosen to delay something like this. how you could watch brett say goodbye and not cry along with him, i don't know:
"it's been everything i thought it would be, and then some. it's hard to think you're prepared for it. i've given everything i can possibly give and i don't think i have anything left. i know i can play, but i don't think i want to. and that's what it comes down to."
to my nephew brenton: take great notice of this man. this is what humility is. this is what sincerity is. this is what heart is all about.

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