Tuesday, March 18, 2008

encourage positive spin

here's something that bugs me about the online community and comment sections. this is a comment from dailykos, posted moments ago, regarding obama's speech today:
"Please make quality and tasteful comments on non liberal websites now, and let our positive feedback encourge positive spin on this great speech."
as opposed to an honest and sincere discussion. this seems calculated and underhanded to me. let the discussion begin, yes. and if you have something to say to a community you're not usually a part of, go ahead. but to do it because you feel strongly about it, not because you were told to, in order to influence "spin". that's bullshit.


  1. Regarding the Obama speech...

    Okay, so here's my reaction to the speech, which I had the peculiar opportunity to enjoy, courtesy of a late night rustle by my 18 month old and endless looping on a news channel...

    For the first time in a long time, I felt engaged. To listen, to hear more, and not feel I was being sold something. An intelligent pitch by someone presented with a problem, and a straightforward explanation of his position, approach, and actions. In all this campaign yadayadayada, I don't think I've heard a candidate do this.

    Mostly, in the other blather, I feel a dull searing pain of disgust, be it the current incumbent, or any wannabee, and I can hardly bear the clock's ticking whilst the clowns drone and debate on a very fine edge of substance and more on the attributes of popularity. On this one encounter, I came away thinking: hmmmm...I'm not sure of his path or how he got here, but this is a rational display of well, leadership...not bad in what you want from a kahuna, is it? If this is how he reacts at 3 am, well then, that might be okay. (gosh, I hope I just wasn't sold something???)

    I really don't know how I'll finally feel given the choices in November, but that was a very effective speech. Not quite: "Tear down this wall, Mr. Gorbachev", but I hope to hear more...


  2. i agree, brian. i at least felt like i was being spoken to as though i was an adult (which i am, actually.)

    i thought it was brave, and honest. and it sickens me a bit to now hear the blather continue (from fox, et. al.) and, in fact, grow louder.

    instead of talking about their own race issues (in other words, joining the conversation, moving forward) they are still trying to drag obama down.


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