Friday, March 7, 2008

the back of the bimbo bus

republican "strategist" (do the quote thing with me!) kellyanne somebody-or-other (alright, conway) guested on larry king tonight and spoke about hillary clinton and barack obama being engaged in a "knife fight" that shows neither have the dignity nor the maturity to be president of the united states (as opposed to the current tap dancing monkey.)

to follow that gem, kellyanne said hillary is currently busy trying to decide if barack obama is "good enough to sit in the back of the bus" of her presidential ticket.

102 year old larry king didn't hear kellyanne and it took guest jamal simmons (the only african american to be on larry king since sammy davis jr. died*) to speak up and call her out. "larry, we have to address that. we have to address that. this back of the bus comment is beyond the pale." simmons argued. the thrilling back and forth continued for a few seconds before someone kicked larry under the desk and he woke up.

"who said...? did you use the term 'back of the bus'?" larry mumbled.

"i did, i just said -- " kellyanne said proudly.

"meaning?" larry asked, because he'd never heard the phrase before.

eventually kellyanne whined, "your missing the whole metaphor," (sounding like a cross between a sleepy paula abdul, elle woods, and one of "the hills" girls.) then kellyanne rolled her eyes and shook her head at the silly black person (the way highly intelligent people do when they can't get their point across any other way.)

*as michael jackson's sister, janet jackson by default doesn't count.


  1. I'm so tired of watching right-wing commentators spew out racist filth and then hide behind it claiming they were trying to reference something else! What makes this type of comment so morally repugnant is that it has such historical president. Just as with the image of a noose, or a burning cross, Conway and her fellow members of the KKK know they can wipe away all the accomplishments of a man like Sen. Obama with such a loaded phrase. Just as appalling is that after she utters this awful little reference she thinks she can wash it all away with a smug crooked smile and a roll of overly mascaraed eyes, New Racists such as Conway feel that they can get away with using this type of "CODE" like "back of the bus" because only the smarter white people will understand! Shame on her; shame on CNN; and shame on Larry King for just sitting there in a comma-like-fog and not reprimanding her immediately! You can email Ms. Conway at: info@, or call her at:202-667-6557

  2. I had to rewind it because I couldn't believe what I had heard. It’s too bad that Jamal Simmons was the only person who reacted to her comment (although I commend his handling of the situation). Such blatant racism should offend everyone, not just the black guy in the room. The RNC should renounce and reject her statements.

  3. I live in England. I turned on 'Larry King Live' this morning and almost choked on my cornflakes when I heard the disgusting comments made by Kellyanne Conway.

    Is that the voice of the Republican Party? If so the USA can keep John McCain. Europe loves Obama and we want Obama to be the next President of the USA.

    Kellyanne Conway represents all that is wrong with the Republican Party. She should never appear on Larry King Live again. Conway should apologise to the world for the offence she has caused. Her comments were ugly - very ugly.

  4. I watched it with disbelief.

    But then I realized, she wants to get Obama and his followers enraged (rightfully), so much so that if Hillary won, Barack would see VP as 'back of the bus' and refuse it as an insult. The duo-ticket would overwhelm the Republican votes, and she knows it.


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