Thursday, February 28, 2008

how do you like your steak, harry?

here's something that made me laugh out loud for ten minutes. it's from an article in today's milwaukee journal/sentinal:
"(Kevin) Hansen showed up at the police station Sunday complaining of hair in his steak."
the cook at the milwaukee texas roadhouse was not happy that kevin hanson had sent his steak back. (hansen asked for a 16-ounce ribeye, medium rare. the damn thing showed up medium.) another roadhouse kitchen employee told the cops he then saw the cook cut a slit in the new steak, and stuff something in it. "these are my pubes!" he said.

here's the deal -- if you're going out for a nice steak dinner, and the best local place for steak is the texas roadhouse -- i'm sorry. but if you go, well...expect some hair in your steak. apparently it's not all that uncommon. this is from
“It’s the second time in a year we had a problem at Texas Roadhouse. Last year I had a hair in my food. I should’ve known better than to go back there.”
the first time this guy ate at the texas roadhouse he found a small black beetle crawling through his pulled pork sandwich. and he went back for more!

all this talk is makin' me hungry! i'm goin' to texas roadhouse for some angel hair pasta and beef stroganoff!

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