Friday, February 29, 2008

voicemail one

i have a habit of saving voicemail messages. for years. companies like verizon make it so easy too. you only have to manually save messages every twenty-one days. (couldn't there just be a "press eight to save this message for all time" option?)

the message i wanted you to hear is at the end of this recording. it's from our building super, adrianna.  she's a lovely woman from argentina, and she remembered my birthday (with a little help.) unfortunately, i had to skip through all the other messages i've saved over the years before i got to hers.  sorry.

i hope you are enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. to,
    i absolutely love how technological you've become.

    having left acting behind for now, you seem to be stumbling on a new kind of blog-art, i think.

    your voicemail composition will be remembered in later years as your first attempt to create your eventual masterpiece "Mailbox Full"


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