Tuesday, February 5, 2008

superman wears al gore underwear

that's a quote from lindsey dornberger, an 18 year old senior at greendale high school in wisconsin.

lindsey was speaking on behalf of her candidate, al gore, during a one-day mock presidential election that involved about 400 students from 17 different milwaukee schools. nevermind that gore isn't actually running. if he did, or had, that campaign slogan would have won him the presidency, no doubt. certainly better than that whole change thing...

lindsey also had two other bits of wisdom (and i'm not joking here). first:
"young people should vote - the outcome will matter."
personally, i'm amazed at the number of friends i have who are younger than me who...wait. let's just stop there for a second. i'm amazed at the number of friends i have who are younger than me. (when did that happen?) my point is this: i'm amazed at the number of those friends who are not voting in today's primary. "ohh, i forgot to register." "ohhh, i didn't register." "ohhh, i meant to register but i was too busy catching up on britney."

alright, i never heard that last one. but still, in this election cycle, when the number of young voters has been overwhelming thus far, and after watching what the bush administration has done that will permanently effect their lives for years to come, how can i have so many intelligent and well-informed friends who are not taking part in this process?

which leads me to lindsey's other great point: senior citizens are one of the largest voting blocks in elections and...
"...we have to live with the decisions they make the rest of our lives."
think about that, you young people.

and go lindsey!

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