Monday, February 4, 2008

superbowl wrap-up

last night, when the giants won the superbowl, i had to call someone. someone i thought might care. it took me a second, but the only person i could come up with was my dad. he didn't answer, so i left this message on his machine (yes, he still has a "machine"):
"hey dad. new york won the superbowl. pretty exciting, huh? not as exciting as if brett and the pack were...oh well. love ya."
i got this email from him today.
hi tone. got your call today (12 hrs after you sent it.) the pack wasn't in it, so i really didn't have a fav. the commercials sucked. the charlie brown and the coke was kinda cute. same with the bridgestone tires and the squirrels, and the bud one with dog teaching the horse. outside of those, yuk. tom petty was, well, tom petty. i've always liked his music, but to see the band perform isn't so great. oh well, what the hell do i know!! i used to watch mitch miller and lawrence welk and hee haw.
pretty much sums it up.
thanks dad.

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