Monday, February 25, 2008

son of emmy out the window

this is either a photo of my friend barry's emmy award, OR an elaborately set up shot (which involved the hiring of lighting technicians, set designers, make-up specialists, and a pit orchestra) designed to look like a photo of the emmy award i talked about here. whatever you think this is, it is NOT the actual emmy award out my kitchen window, i did NOT turn off all the lights in our apartment late last night in order to get a good shot of it, and i did NOT lie sideways on the kitchen counter and knock over the coffee maker in order to take the photo. (i'm not going to the clink.)

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  1. An Emmy? hmmm...could just be a very little person with a large ball of twine? ...Or a very ornate bowling trophy?

    Hey, caught part of Today this morning where Schneider (Pat Harrington) shared that his "One Day at a Time" emmy (yes, say that again) was destroyed as part of an elaborate tennis racket repair project (no less believable than "Schneider got an Emmy")

    Perhaps you and Ircink could do a photo essay on the actual famous awards (Oscars, Emmys, Tonys) of our past - "where are they now?". I could see that as a somewhat obscure coffee table book. And with a little more cooperation from Pat Harrington, you've got two in the bag already - good luck!


    PS. A bit modest on the stature of your youth (Beefaroni? really?). Seems the Theater Dweebs may have lost their King, rather than their Treasurer. Agree with the post - but it's nice to see that Ralph is still alive and kicking.


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