Friday, February 8, 2008


...yesterday, while sitting for jury duty, court clerk larry and a random hefty woman:
HEFTY: you teach spinning every morning, is that so?
LARRY: yep.
HEFTY: before you come here you teach a spinning class?
LARRY: yep.
HEFTY: so early!
LARRY: if i can burn 600 calories before i walk in this door, i’m happy!"
...yesterday, after being released from jury duty, two women discussing birds and their birding friends:
W1: have you heard from gene lately?
W2: he’s having some drama.
W1: (not surprised) oh he’s always having drama with those finches!

...rob, last night in our living room, while watching the dvr’d project runway, just as tim gunn was walking into the workroom:

ROB: this is the gayest show on television.
: good morning designers!!

(and now i've gotten a little carried away with the html code.)

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