Wednesday, February 6, 2008

on the record: girl on girl

two reasons to be really happy today. yesterday, actually. these two gals released long-awaited, much-anticipated, new records. cd's. albums. i haven't settled on what a 40-something calls them yet. anyway they're new. here, and here. and both got fairly good notices from the rolling stone magazine people.

my friend victor delorenzo, drummer for the violent femmes (okay, he was my friend at one time and i think he'd still recognize me if i ran into him at a yard sale or something)...anyway, victor has (had?) a recording studio in milwaukee. years back, k.d. came up to record something for her friends in a band called mrs. fun.

victor said k.d. walked in the studio, ripped the windscreen off the microphone, grabbed the mic and put it between her knees. then, she bent over forward to sing into the mic and said "let's do this." she recorded her part, in one take, and she was flawless.

i can't hear her sing without that image in my mind.

sometimes i like to think about sheryl crow singing like that too.
even though the story has nothing to do with her.

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  1. mrs fun! what a blast from the past! my dad is writing a book about the music scene in the 80's in milwaukee, focusing on a band called the x-cleavers. kooky. and i think my dad actually has a pic of me sitting on victor's lap "playing" his drumset. that came out dirty. didn't mean it like that.


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