Sunday, February 10, 2008

no magic for the boss

be sure not to miss the grammy awards tonight, where they won't be giving bruce springsteen an award for best album of the year (magic) since he wasn't nominated. but thank goodness kanye west was.

don't get me wrong. i'm down with kanye. we hang over at the pinkberry in murray hill and we talk about our mutual love of the classics (he's all over emily bronte, i'm a melville man myself.)

i just don't think westie would have put up a stink if he'd gotten left off grammy's list this year to make room for the boss.

UPDATE 02/11/08 -- two things. first, springsteen did win three of the four awards he was nominated for: best solo rock vocal performance and best rock song for "radio nowhere," and best rock instrumental performance for "once upon a time in the west." more importantly, to answer the many emails i got on the subject: me -- green tea frozen yogurt. kanye -- the pinkberry smoothie.

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