Thursday, February 21, 2008

no idol blogging

i will not be blogging about american idol this season but let's just come to one agreement here: 90% of the time simon is right and the other two should just shut up. if randy jackson says "dog" or "man" or "it was a'ight" or "dog" one more time. or "pitchy." or "dog." i'm gonna cross him off my fondue party list. and why isn't paula drunk this year? it's much more fun when she's drunk.

that's all.

(oh, and the young guy -- the seventeen year old who had paralyzed vocal cords...the one ryan seacrest obviously wants to "adopt" and i don't mean that in a legal way -- he's the only "authentic one" of the bunch. he's genuine, he's not cruise ship -- they're all so CRUISE SHIP! -- and he's good.)

(okay, the guy with the dreads -- the young, dopey, john travolta ala "welcome back kotter" lookin' guy -- he isn't so bad either.)

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  1. A) You are 100% right about Simon.
    B) At some point in the last five years, I became Simon.
    C) Ryan would SOOOO adopt him... its faster and easier than "domestic partnership."
    D) You made me laugh hard enough to wet myself with this post. But now I'm sad that there will be no more Idol posts that will humor me so. :)


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