Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my life as a carny

being a bit of a baby blog, you do what you can to attract new readers. that includes being active on other blogs, annoying your friends and family, and so much more!

then sometimes, you get lucky. i was lucky enough to just be mentioned by taylor marsh on her widely read blog, which in turn brought tons of traffic to this site.

blog carnivals are a way to get your name and your writing out there. the carnival host lists blogs that have been submitted, and folks get to peruse and check out new stuff. hopefully, some of them hang out, come back, and visit often.

i mention this as A) a welcome to anyone checking out tuesdays for the first time, from today's new blog showcase at pet's garden blog. and 2) as a way to perhaps send some of you back to this page to check out some other newbies (i enjoyed carolyn's vanilla latte post at the beernut gallery, and there are some great sunset photo's of hawaii at local kine.)

click away!

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