Tuesday, February 12, 2008

seventy-two vs. forty-six

i'm watching senator john mccain read his speech from a teleprompter, attempting to talk about hope, and all i can think is he hopes he makes it to the bathroom before he has a poopie!

mccain and obama swept the potomac primaries today. virginia, maryland, d.c. okay, obama swept. mccain doddered.

seriously, mccain is a true american hero. but he just said "hope...is a platitude" like he was talking to a third grade special-ed class. i hear him say "my friends-this" and "my friends-that" over and over again, and i get to thinking about my laundry. either that or i get annoyed. "he ain't my friend!" i say in my head, as though i'm a strong, black woman. laquicia something-or-other.

and then there's barack. he spoke before mccain did tonight, to a ginormous crowd in madison, wisconsin. i love madison. and madison, it seems, loves barack.

this is the grumpy old man vs. the rock star. and you know grumpy's gotta go.

ohhh...grumpy's done speaking, and they're blasting chuck berry's "johnny b. good" and i'm scared he's gonna start doing the twist. and then, god, he'll fall and break a hip.

here's the lesson mr. mccain: always speak before barack.

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