Tuesday, February 26, 2008

kay-yogi dot what?

as you're telling your best friend from high school or your family dentist about this blog, i'm sure the conversation eventually swings around to "what are we gonna do about that molar?" or "did you hear old coach pickler had an affair with mrs. wyler in the guidance office?"

and then, as you're rinsing, they say "oh yeah, that blog you mentioned. how do i find it?"

and you spit and say, "um...it's kay starr dot something-or-other. obi won cannoli. kay-yoda dot yogi bear...oh dagnabbit, i forget."

well. first, try not saying things like "dagnabbit".
then, try this: tuesdaysblog.com

from now on, you'll be able to say "i wasn't on the tennis team" or "let's deal with that molar when i come back for a cleaning" or "what exactly were you doing when i was anesthetized?" or, more importantly "that blog? oh! it's at":


(p.s. if you've bookmarked or subscribed to a feed from kayobi.blogspot.com, no worries. you needn't change a thing right now.)

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