Friday, February 15, 2008

caustic comments

i read a lot of blogs.

not as many as some folks, but many more than a lot of folks. mostly political blogs. talking points memo. the huffington post. most of them are listed on the right for you to click on and peruse at your leisure.

i also read a lot of blog comments. comments are no longer just a way for readers to say "i enjoyed your post on how to remove an ailing lesbian gekko from the septic", but conversations. long conversations. tedious conversations. and often not very nice conversations.

anonymity gives people the chutzpa to say things they normally wouldn't say. normally meaning at a dinner party. or over tea. or at a carnival.

there's name calling, there's lots of vitriol, there's lots of back and forth of he-said she-said. there's lots of don't-make-me-terk-my-nerls-off.

there's nothing wrong with really believing in something, and having the guts to stand up and argue your point. or fight for your cause. great disagreements often lead to great solutions. (crochete that into a sampler.) but many of these comment sections become bitch-fests about "the other side." and i'm not talking about the democratic/republican sides. i'm talking about the hillary/obama sides. it's like being backstage at "wicked" when the "bad" understudy is on for elphaba.

the republicans are rallying around a candidate many of them don't like. they don't like his stand on immigration. they don't like that he voted against bush's tax-cuts for the wealthy. they don't like that he believes humans evolved from monkeys, or that he won't amend the constitution to say i can't marry my favorite farm animal (two words: alpaca.) they don't think he's the best candidate, but they think he's the one that can win (remember john kerry?)

when i look at the two remaining candidates in the democratic party, i know i could easily support either in the general election. this is not to say i don't have strong feelings, one way or another, about senators clinton and obama. but our party having these two choices, and openly disagreeing about them, is an incredibly healthy thing.

being a big, stupid, loudmouthed beeyatch isn't.

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