Tuesday, February 26, 2008

add 'em up

josh schmidt's "adding machine" opened last night at the minetta lane theater, off-broadway. this morning, it's racking up rave reviews. the new york times' charles isherwood describes it as:

"...the impossibly bleak, improbably brilliant little musical..."

the new york post gives it three and a half stars, calling it:

"...an exciting and adventurous piece of musical theater."

and the associated press says:

"...Joshua Schmidt's music is astonishingly diverse."

the big question will now be: does the show move to broadway? and if it does, will tourists see it?


  1. Should it go to Broadway? I think that's the better question. I loved this show when I saw it in Chicago. I know it's gotten bigger in some ways, but it doesn't feel like a Broadway show to me. I just hope it plays for ever like it is.

  2. it doesn't feel like a broadway show to me either fletch. which is why i think it maybe should be. in a small house, like the booth or the helen hayes, if it's left alone, it could be fantastic.


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