Monday, February 4, 2008

50 inches, 13 yards, and 35 seconds

the apartment building across the street from us put their recyclable cardboard out on the sidewalk tonight. usually it's broken down boxes from fresh direct or amazon, tied up with twine in a tidy stack.

tonight, no tidy stack. one big box. one enormous box. one uber-gigantic box. in new york terms, we're talking livable. and not rent stabilized.

someone in that building just got a new 50" panasonic flat screen plasma hdtv.

two years ago, when we were looking for a new tv, we opted for a petite 26" set. we considered a 28", but in the cabinet we were going to put it in? it would have looked ridiculous. gauche, almost.

tonight however, someone in the building next door must have been overwhelmingly pleased with their decision to go with a 50" screen as they watched eli manning connect with plaxico burress for the winning touchdown in superbowl XLII, a 13-yard pass with 35 seconds remaining in the game.

okay, i copied most of that last sentence from the new york times.
but still, it was a pretty exciting game. and i bet it looked great on that tv.

and oh...sorry jeff.

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