Monday, January 21, 2008

" were a corporate lawyer sittin' on the board at walmart!"

with that, barack obama began the snark-fest that cnn tonight tried to pass off as a debate. several times during the evening, obama looked like the inexperienced young child being scolded by his older and wiser parents (clinton on his right, john edwards on his left.) as a voter, i was left to think, "do i really want the child running the country?"

and 130 times voting present in the illinois state senate? voting present? while the new york times attempted to explain it, obama cannot. he seems completely at a loss to competently explain what voting present means in illinois. it's his job to explain it to us, not the new york times'.

for at least the first thirty minutes of the...spectacle tonight, i felt as though i was watching an episode of "jerry springer". until edwards finally chimed in, "this kind of squabbling? how many children is this gonna get health care?" speaking of squabbling, i wondered how long it would take before andrew sullivan actually posted this to the daily dish. not sure why i'm surprised.

the one thing that became readily apparent to anyone watching tonight is that this is probably not going to happen.


  1. I could still see Obama putting Clinton on his ticket, and in order to be elected president it would probably be a good idea for both of them.

  2. my sense has always been that obama would accept the vp spot, no matter who the nominee. but do you think she would? what would bill clinton's role be? co-vice president?

  3. Actually, when Reagan was President, Hillary was Chairman of the Legal Services corporation--legal services for the poor. In a head-to-head battle with the President, she fought Reagan off when he tried to shift $300 million legal services to defense spending. So now freezing tenants can call legal services to get slumlords like Obama financier Tony Rezko to turn on the heat.


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