Friday, January 18, 2008

a true dilemma

wisconsin senator russ feingold is struggling with the choices for president, but not with john edwards. this is from a recent interview with the appleton post-crescent:
"the one (presidential candidate) that is the most problematic is (john) edwards, who voted for the patriot act, campaigns against it. voted for no child left behind, campaigns against it. voted for the china trade deal, campaigns against it. voted for the iraq war…

the notion that you sort of vote one way when you're playing the game in washington and another way when you're running for president, there's some of that going on."
so will feingold endorse a candidate before the wisconsin primary on february 19?
"probably not. i'm having a hard time deciding between hillary clinton and barack obama...i go back and forth, to be honest with you. i'm torn on this whole issue of who's more likely to be progressive and really seek change vs. who's ready to do the job today. it really is a true dilemma in my mind."

read the entire interview here.

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