Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tom cruise is nuts

something we've all suspected for a long time. if you're not sure he's nuts, watch this video of tom promoting scientology. here's a quote (my comments in parenthesis):
"so for me it really is ksw (keep scientology working), and it's just like...it's...it's something that uh...i don't mince words with that...you know...with, with anything...that lrh (l. ron hubbard) does. but that policy to me has really gone...(makes strange sound with his mouth) boy. i never had a...i... ther'sa time when i went through and i said you know what? when i read it i, y'know i just went ...(another strange sound -- "pfoooh!")...thi's it. this' exactly it."
another one of my favorites (i think he's talking about a spaceship here, i don't know):
"...my opinion is...is that look -- you're either on board, or you're not on board. okay...which's...if you're on board, you're on board just like the rest of us. period."
and now that i've screwed my own career (he'll come after me, i know. or send people for me.) there's this:
"it is the time now. now is the time. okay. it is...being a scientologist people are turning to you, so you'd better know it. you better know it. and if you don't...(pause)...you know...? go...and learn it, he-he-you know-ho. (laughing a scary tom cruise laugh that i'm sure will give me bad dreams.) but don't pretend you know it, and..or.. foo...y'know whatever..."

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