Sunday, January 20, 2008

it ain't easy bein' green (bay)

you think it sucks to be a packer fan tonight? try being a packer fan in new york city. and y'all know how much of a football fan i am, but i thought the packers sucked tonight. am i wrong? sorry jeff.


  1. I definitely know what you mean, and trust me, you are not alone. I'm a hard core Packer fan in South Plainfield, NJ, about 45 minutes from the City. I had to watch last night's game in a room full of Giants fans, and it sucked.

    The thing that bothers me is that,the majority of people that I saw on the street today wearing NY Giants apparel aren't even real fans: They don't watch football until the playoffs, and now that the Giants are in the Super Bowl, they're all of a sudden big fans. Some guy in an Eli jersey taunted me on the street for wearing a Packers hat today, and I asked him to name 5 players on the Giants roster and he couldn't.


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