Thursday, January 3, 2008


this brilliant tidbit moments ago, from msnbc's chris matthews (referring to his msnbc cohort david gregory) -- "he's been there, he's seen it, he knows it, he's part of it!"


matthews is so excited that barack obama has won the iowa caucuses (or is he more excited that hillary clinton didn't win?) that it's a good thing obama is not in the same room with him or there might just be some smoochin' goin' on.

UPDATE / 10:13 pm -- so, i haven't turned it off yet. and matthews is practically foaming at the mouth now, claiming hillary's upcoming address in iowa will be the clinton machine at it's best. "i've been there, i know it, i've seen it..."


UPDATE / 1:08 pm -- i'm not the only one to notice the drool from matthews.

UPDATE / 01.04.08 -- YIKES! matthews salivation-fest continues tonight, on hardball (about obama's great line this morning: "this feels good. this feels like i imagined when i was talking to my kindergarten teacher.") said matthews: "that's jack kennedy stuff! great sarcasm!" ohh barraaack!? mmmmmwaaaahhh!

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