Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the second photo

the media can't stop talking about this photo taken at last night's state of the union speech. (they're not saying much about the speech itself.)

depending on who's telling the story, hillary clinton either crossed the aisle to shake ted kennedy's hand, or kennedy reached out to shake hers, while at the same time barack obama turned away from both of them. one report says missouri senator claire mccaskill (an obama supporter) tapped obama on the shoulder and started a conversation at just the right moment. all this happening not long after kennedy basically railed on clinton in his speech endorsing obama.

much is made of these "moments" and how telling they are. why did obama turn away when hillary was right there? (he hates her?) was hillary the bigger person for approaching kennedy to shake hands? (or did she lean in to him and whisper "i'm gonna be president you son-of-a-bitch"?)

i don't believe half of what the media tells us about these moments. nor are they actually about anything (like, issues that matter to us).

but for my money...it's the second photo that is completley fascinating.

what is kennedy muttering to obama? what is going through obama's mind as he looks at clinton. what's mccaskill thinking? and how aware of it all is clinton? she appears to be generously and graciously working the crowd, but is there more behind it, knowing kennedy and obama are right there?


UPDATE 12:43 -- read all about it. cnn here, msnbc here, abc news here, chicago tribune here, boston globe here, and reuters here.

UPDATE 3/8/08 -- the photos originally accompanying this post have since been changed. the second photo seen here does not show, as clearly as the original, claire mccaskill standing near kennedy and obama. nor does it show as clearly hillary clinton "working the crowd."

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