Thursday, January 31, 2008

okay then, the other debate

"it did take a clinton to clean up after the first bush, and i think it might take a another one to clean up after the second bush."
and with that zinger, hillary clinton brought down the house at the end of act one! rob reiner, diane keaton, and pearce brosnan all loved it. after cnn came back from commercial, wolf gave out the oscar for best supporting actor. (it was a tie! anderson cooper and javier bardem!)

if seeing all those big-time movie stars in the audience made me cringe, what did it do for the unemployed mill worker in north carolina, sitting in his underwear, reclining in a lazyboy, eating cashews and watching his big screen tv? (that was for john edwards.) but seriously...where was streisand sitting?

let me be honest here: tonight i watched these two people agree and (barely) disagree and i kept thinking, "hey, i'd be happy with either one". i still have that obama's-lack-of-experience thing going through my head. but would he inspire us? yup. is she divisive? no doubt. but would she kick some ass? you bet.

and i know it's not going to happen, but tonight is the first time i've seen them together and thought, for real: obama-clinton?

i do want to reiterate something both candidates stressed tonight, and something that made me proud twelve months ago: this year the democratic party will nominate for president either a black man or a woman. republicans can say all they like about these two candidates or their policies. it's a black man and a woman, folks. and that is something that makes me believe in this country, and believe in the democratic party.

and if they ran together and won? head's going to explode.


  1. I think you meant Clinton-Obama. Neither candidate recently would seriously consider that...and yet, maybe now...maybe. I don't think so...yet it would bring the Democrats totally together with John Edwards as Attorney General.

  2. you know percy, i actually did mean OBAMA-clinton. i've wondered about the reverse before, but tonight there seemed to be some magic in the air, some special love!

    that, and obama looked strong and i could see the two of them arguing in the oval office. i'm watching too much of "the west wing" is the problem...

    and then there were those coy answers to wolf's last question. obama said something like,"hillary would be on anybody's short list," and her response...well, i forget what it was. not as close to a yes, but about having a united party going into the general election. i was surprised that the wolfman actually asked the question, but even more surprised at their answers.


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