Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i never said...


keep in mind, this is a clinton campaign video. obama's response to these allegations is on his website, but there is no mention of this june 30, 2003 speech to the afl-cio among those responses.


  1. Tony:

    Are you the anti-Andrew Sullivan? The point of that last clip is that Obama should be able to be in favor of single-payer. All the other options are minor variations on the same failed system.

    I hope that you will post some videos showing the Clintons changing their positions and telling untruths. There are a lot of them.

    I voted for Bill Clinton twice, and have held him in fairly high regard despite the ways that he let voters down.

  2. jimmy:

    in some ways, yes -- i probably am the anti-andrew sullivan. his hatred of hillary clinton is visceral and his praise of obama is sometimes nauseating. and it turns me off so much that i often quit reading (which is unfortunate, because i too think he's a great political mind.)

    for me, the point of that clip is less about the health care argument than it is about obama's image. obama clearly is presented to us (by the mainstream media, some bloggers, and his campaign) as a choirboy (although i did hear him admit last night that "none of our hands are clean".)

    he made a blanket statement during the debate which, in the context of this video, appears to be untrue. and his campaign has yet to answer the charge.

    i.e. he plays the game too.

    i'm under no false illusions that the clinton's have never changed their positions or told untruths. but it seems unfair to me to paint them not only with a different brush, but with an entirely different can of paint.


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