Sunday, January 13, 2008

dear jeff, pt. 2

jeff ircink's boyfriend brett favre looked pretty damn good yesterday against the seattle seahawks. (not that i actually watched, mind you.) this from today's milwaukee journal-sentinal:

"fans in the nfl's smallest city aren't easily fooled. they know a super bowl contender when they see one. they saw one on a snowy saturday at lambeau field."

and looky here -- my new hometown newspaper is finally paying green bay some respect. seems the fans at lambeau aren't the only ones to recognize super bowl condenters.

now as much as i'd like to see green bay whup the giants, i'm hoping they get to smack down dallas and tony romo, who hails from burlington, wisconsin -- like, two minutes from my hometown of waterford. romo -- and don't get me wrong, i'm as proud of him as my dad, who watched him play high school football -- but romo deserves to be beat simply because he's goofy enough to date jessica simpson (please.)

then...the pack (yes, i called them the pack. i just said smack down too) can meet the undefeated patriots in the super bowl and hand them their first loss of the season. wouldn't that be fun? (again...not that i'd actually watch.)

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