Monday, January 14, 2008

just the ticket

now that these two have kissed and made up, is a clinton/obama ticket possible? kristen breitweiser hopes so:
"both hillary and barack are great people and they will both be great leaders. we deeply need their complementary styles, experience, personalities and vision to fix our ailing country."
obama talked about it last year on david letterman:
“that would be a powerful ticket,” mr. letterman says of the two senators. “undeniably that would be a powerful ticket.”

mr. obama replies: “which order are we talking about?”
and u.s. news' paul bedard says:
"the possibility that a potential democratic presidential primary matchup between sens. hillary rodham clinton and barack obama could lead to a clinton-obama ticket is raising concerns in gop circles that it might be unbeatable."
and well, if we can frighten republicans, why not?

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