Wednesday, January 2, 2008

best of 2007...

the end of the year means lots of lists.

the best, the biggest, the top selling, the longest running,
the loudest, the highest priced, the lowest priced, the favorite, the worst.

no list here (at least not this year.)

some of my favorite music of 2007 has not been released in the u.s. it's from a uk band called the hoosiers (i found them by nosing around on the uk itunes site -- the brits taste in music is often more to my liking than what's popular here).

the last i heard about a u.s release of their #1 u.k. album the trick to life was "soon - hold tight my man - spread the love".

i'm spreadin' the love. here's one of my favorite songs from last year:

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