Saturday, December 29, 2007

snippets pt. 1

part of a conversation i just overheard, between an employee at gnc and a customer:

gnc: where were you?
customer: atlanta. for a week.
gnc: wow.
customer: i know. and i couldn't wait to get back to new york.
gnc: really?
customer: ohmygod yes. i mean, they're's just different there.
gnc: different?
customer: yes. i mean, i couldn't wait, you know, to get back to new york and the dirt and the trash on the streets, and the people here. just rude, you know? i love it. i love new york.
gnc: uh-huh.
customer: people in atlanta, they look at you. and i'm like "stop lookin' at me!"
gnc: they look at you?
customer: yeah. they, like, look at you and say hello and shit. i couldn't wait to get back to new york.

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