Saturday, November 10, 2007


we were up bright and early this morning, but the bus ride to yamanishi prefecture was not quite as long as expected, so we stopped for lunch.

we walked through a sweet little market where the locals were selling pickled bamboo, pickled plums, yuzu-cha, homemade noodles, and something yamanshi is known for: grapes. they're expensive in japan (a small bunch can cost 1000 yen or more -- roughly $9.) we found them here for 700 yen. they're huge, and juicy, and NOT seedless.

we headed out the back of the market to an open air restaurant under the vines of a vinyard. there, at tables with a small grills underneath and foil covered cooking areas in the center, we barbecued our own pork and beef and onions and sprouts. it was incredibly charming, and delicious.

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