Thursday, November 8, 2007


i'm working on a list of things in japan that are different from the u.s.

for instance: there is no litter on the ground in japan, despite there being very few trash cans...well...anywhere. the japanese will carry their empty coffee cup or small bag of trash, for blocks and blocks, just to throw it away. instead of just tossing it on the ground, as it seems everyone in new york does.

here's another thing that's very different in japan, that i was not warned about.

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  1. It all looks fantastic, including the toilet. I visited Korea in the 80's and the womens toilets were the same. I've always been a squatter, so that didn't bother me nearly as much as having to walk past all the men peeing into a trough on the way to the unisex stalls. Eat a $2 grape for me! It's almost the same price at my corner deli.


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